Introducing to React JS

Introducing to React JS

Durasi : 3 hari


This training is designed to provide participants with an explanation of the basics of React JS. React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and has many advantages.
After attending this training participants are expected to: :
• Know the basic concepts of programming with React JS
• Implementing basic programming concepts with React JS
• Participants get a broader picture of programming using a JS framework

• Have basic knowledge of javascript

Course Overview:

·         Introduction to React.

·         JavaScript (ES6) for React.

·         React dan React DOM.

·         JSX (JavaScript XML)

·         React Component

·         React Props

·         React Event

·         React State

·         React useState Hook

·         React ref dan useRef Hook

·         React Form Processing

·         Ref DOM Manipulation

·         React Component Lifecycle



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