Intro to Programming with C++

Intro to Programming with C++

Durasi : 5 hari


Description :
This training is designed to provide an understanding of the basics of programming using C++ and implementation in making simple applications.
After attending this training participants are expected :
• Know the basic concepts of the programming language using C++.
• Implementing the basic concepts of programming languages.
• Participants know the features contained in c++ programming.

Prerequisite :
• None.

Course Overview:
1. Introduction to Programming Concepts
• History of programming languages.
• Types of programming languages.
• Real-life programming analogies.
• Benefits of programming languages.
2. Introduction to Programming with C++
• Introduction to the C++ programming language.
• The concept of the C++ programming language.
• Case study.
3. Implementation using C++ for making simple applications
• Implementation makes a simple application from the explanation of the previous course material.

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