Android™ Security Essentials
Android ATC

Android™ Security Essentials


Duration : 2 days

Price : Rp. 4.750.000,-

About the Course

This is a two-day (12 hours) professional course thoroughly covering the Android™ security model and concerns from both the developer and end-user point of view.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Android software architecture.
  • Understand Android’s security model.
  • Build Android applications with security best practices in mind.
  • Build more secure and more robust application that appeals to clients.

For a best learning experience and a quick start with this course, a trainee is required to have adequate knowledge of the content of “Java Fundamentals for Android Development” course. Previous knowledge and experience of any programming language is considered sufficient.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 : Permissions

  • Android Platform Architecture
  • Android Security Architecture
  • Permissions
  • Levels of Protection
  • Application Level Permissions
  • Component level Permissions
  • Extending Android Permissions
  • Lab 1: Securing Applications Using Permission
    • Create an application to use Permission
    • Create permission and access it

 Lesson 2: Managing the Policy File

  • The Manifest File
  • Modifying Application Policy
  • Lab 2: Defining the Application’s Policy File
    • Creating two applications with the same Linux ID
    • Backing up Data on Cloud Storage
    • Debugging the Application
    • Moving application to the Internal Memory of the Device

Lesson 3: User Data Privacy and Protection

  • Data security principles
  • Vulnerabilities and Attacks against Stored Data
  • Protection Principles
  • Digital rights management
  • Lab 3: Data Confidentiality and Protection
    • Ensuring Data Confidentiality
    • Protecting Application Data with Permissions

Lesson 4: Securing Storage

  • Data storage decisions
  • Storage Mechanisms
  • Shared preferences
  • File
  • Cache
  • Database
  • Lab 4: Data Storage Applications
    • Using Shared Preferences
    • File Storage Operations
    • Storing data in Cache
    • SQLite Database Storage
    • Retrieve Gmail Account Info Using Account Manager


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